Once you are signed up, you are able to view all deals and redeem. Each individual deal will say ‘how to redeem’ but the 2 ways are explained below:

  1. “View My Membership Card’: These deals have “Unlimited Use” on them, meaning you can use these deals as many times as you want!  Simply hit the “View Your Membership Card” and show your card when you arrive at the establishment. 
  2. “Redeem”: These deals can only be redeemed one time and will have a “Redeem” button on the deal. It will ask you if you are sure you want to redeem the deal because you only have 24 hours after the deal has been redeemed to use it.

Your membership does auto-renew. We will send out reminders prior to your renewal to notify you that your membership is going to auto-renew. At this point, you can cancel to avoid being charged for the following year.

The deals in the coupon book can only be redeemed one time. Each establishment allows only one deal per visit. Please read the deal details on the deal for more specificity.

We are always working on getting bigger and better deals! We will send out announcements via our monthly newsletter to alert customers of new deals. You can also always check out our website for all the latest!

They do not! Some can only be redeemed one time, but they do not expire.

The ongoing deals can be used as many times as you would like! The single-use deals can only be redeemed one time.